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Terms & Conditions - 2020

1. Parents and Students are expected to observe the Notes & Conditions of Tuition,   In order to maintain a happy and trusting relationship during the student’s course of music tuition. It is understood that these Conditions have been fully read, understood and accepted when tuition is confirmed, and the student attends his/hers first lesson.

2.  Initial Agreed Monthly Tuition Instalment is required to be paid before attending 1st lesson. Going Forward, Agreed Monthly Instalment must be settled in full in by the 20 th  of each month. 

2.1. Accounts are required to be paid by Direct Debit Payment through EZYPAY 

Click here to read EZYPAY Terms and Conditions.


2.2  Set up of Direct Debit Payment is required before Northwest Music can accept Creative Kids voucher. Northwest Music will adjust student account accordingly.

3. If payment is not received within the payment period, a reminder notice will be forwarded. Until full payment is made, lessons may be temporarily reduced in time or suspended. Late payment fee will be applied.
4. As weekly lesson time is reserved in advance especially for each individual/group, it may not be possible to re-arrange or make up lessons when the student is unable to attend. Catch-Up may be offered where possible but not guaranteed. Lessons missed due to the tutor’s decision will be carried forward. Fees will not be refunded or credited.


4.1   Make-Up Lessons are required to be booked online through the Student Portal and completed within 14 Days of Lesson Cancellation.
5.  At Least a minimum of 48 hours’ notice MUST be given for cancellation or rescheduling of lessons. Your Teacher will arrive at scheduled time booked. Over running is not possible.  Please be ready for lesson when teacher arrives. All ‘Cancellation / Reschedule requests must be completed from Student Portal.

6. Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend lessons, maximum lesson goals may be achieved with attendance of both student and parent present. Attendance at lessons by friends is usually a distraction and therefore, not permitted.
7. Entry into examinations, scholarships, competitions and music camps should only be made on the tutor’s advice and recommendation and/or after consulting the tutor. Poor and unprepared performances can be avoided by students seeking advice from their tutor before accepting invitations to perform.

8. The tutor will decide upon the course of study suitable for the student. In all cases professional decisions based on experience and expertise will be made in the best interest of the student. Students are always expected to perfect all set requirements before proceeding to new material. 

9. Involvement in extra activities and attendance at concerts, all arranged to benefit and further develop the student’s overall musical development, are a measure of the students’ and parents’ enthusiasm and should be considered an integral part of the student’s tuition. 

10. 4 Weeks Written notice must be given prior to the end of the year before terminating tuition. Alternatively, payment of the next month’s fees must be made.
If in agreement with these Terms and Conditions of Tuition, 
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